POS Cleaning Cards

Dirt, dust, ink, and grime in point of sale (POS) card reader pathways, sensors, lenses, and pins are the primary cause of device failure. Regular removal of these contaminants increases uptime and maintains a quick, steady transaction rate. Our specially designed POS System Cleaning Kits are cost-effective, module specific, and designed for easy device maintenance. Each product is saturated with one of our proprietary cleaning agents that meet global regulatory requirements, have been proven safe, and are tailored to your device needs.

  • Cleaning agents loosen dirt and contaminants quickly and effectively.
  • Patented Waffletechnology card(s) reach recessed access points, lenses, and sensors throughout the module pathways.
  • Single use wipes remove dirt, lint, fingerprints, dust, and grime in all areas accessible to touch.
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